Marketplace Auction

D2D Auto Auction’s Marketplace Auction allows dealers, dealer groups, rental, and leasing companies to load a used vehicle onto the site with a full description of the vehicle, photos, condition reports, and a pre-set Reserve Bid.

The Marketplace Auction format can integrate the used vehicle inventory across D2D’s network to leverage and expose existing inventory.

Marketplace allows dealers to wholesale vehicles while still on the retail lot.

Marketplace can be mined by D2D’s DealDesk to assist dealers in both finding vehicles and disposing of excess inventory.

Features Include:

  • Static site vehicle exchange.
  • Cost-effective alternative to traditional auctions.
  • Facilitates group trading.
  • Shop from dealership.
  • Virtual inventory at no cost (until purchased).
  • Engages Customer by posting their vehicle.
  • Savings – acquisition and disposal fees, transportation, time, man hours.
  • A one-stop solution for OEM’s, rental and leasing companies to efficiently dispose of their fleet vehicles.
  • Compresses disposal sale cycle.
  • Asset available for immediate sale.
  • Market Intelligence to accurately value vehicles.
  • System generated bills of sale.
  • Arbitration policies ensure buyer’s confidence.